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We help you and your organization to understand the mindsets of your target population and transform this understanding into successful interventions.

Do you work in behaviour change and want to make your programs more effective?

Do you want to engage in scientific investigation or evaluation and monitoring on behaviour change?

Do you want to learn more on systematic behaviour change programming?

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Pits are full!

Pits are full!

How Ranas responds to the challenge of pit-emptying in Baguio city, Philippines Overspilling of

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A multi-country study to understand hand-washing behavior in Haiti, Ethiopia, Chad, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, and Zimbabwe

Countries: Haiti, Ethiopia, Chad, Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Senegal, Zimbabwe

Determinants of handwashing: evidence from a multi-country study

A comparative study on safe water collection, treatment, handling, and storage practices in Bangladesh, Benin, Bolivia, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nicaragua, USA, and Zimbabwe

Countries: Bangladesh, Benin, Bolivia, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nicaragua, USA, Zimbabwe What motivates people to fetch water at the safe well?"

Improving sanitation

In many regions of the world, many people still practice open defecation; households have inadequate latrines or do not use

Use of infrastructure

Experience shows that the installation of WASH infrastructure is not enough to guarantee that people really use it. All over
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Anne Babb

The RANAS Behavior Change Model opened my eyes further to name and categorize different behavioral factors, behavioral outcomes and contextual factors as a new insight that truly enhances our approach on behavior change at prevention activities and in recovery support. I am very inspired to learn more about this model and wish to share the learning with Blue Crosses worldwide.