Help us fight climate change and deforestation!

Help us fight climate change and deforestation by supporting our project on successful tree planting and protection, the ABBAT initiative:


Addressing behavioural barriers associated with tree protection and planting (ABBAT)


Together with Green for Change Ghana, we are looking for funding for the second stage of our project, where local farmers in rural Ghana will be supported with tree seedlings and extensive capacity building and behaviour change activities.

We have completed an in-depth exploration phase during the last six months and are now entering the implementation phase, where we want to develop evidence-based behaviour change campaigns following the systematic RANAS approach. We will develop and test different interventions to then upscale the most effective campaign. For this second and important phase of our project we are searching for complementary funding.


One-Pager ABBAT Progress (pdf)


Please contact us for more details, if you know of a grant we could apply for, if you have any other relevant information, or if your organization could imagine collaborating with us for funding (part of) the project at

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