New Behaviour: Absorbent hygiene product disposal. Publication reveals link between the RANAS behavioural factors, mental health and absorbent hygiene product disposal in Durban, South Africa

A new study conducted in Durban’s informal settlements reveals critical insights into the behavioural factors linking mental health with the disposal practices of absorbent hygiene products. This collaborative effort between ETH Zurich and Green Corridors, employing the RANAS approach to systematic behaviour change, highlights the significant impact of caregivers’ mental health on their disposal behaviours.


Published in BMC Public Health, the investigation examines the behavioural factors influencing these practices. It underscores the importance of integrating mental health and waste management strategies to enhance living conditions and advance the Sustainable Development Goals in these communities. Funded by Kimberly Clark, the study opens the door for comprehensive solutions addressing both mental health and waste management challenges through data-driven interventions.


Read the full article here.


Contact: Dr. Jurgita Slekiene

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