Pits are full!

Pits are full!

How Ranas responds to the challenge of pit-emptying in Baguio city, Philippines

Overspilling of septic tanks is a huge environmental problem in many cities in the Philippines. Contamination of ground and surface water not only affects citizens health but poses a severe risk for the cities’ tourism industry.

The Asian Development Bank therefore funds an 18-month project where Ranas in collaboration with Action Against Hunger will develop a city-wide behaviour change campaign to promote regular septic tank emptying and WASH behaviours in Baguio City, Philippines.

The project runs in close collaboration with Baguio City Council and is embedded in the city’s overall revision of its faecal sludge management strategy.

Project duration: April 2022 to June 2023

Project partner: Ranas Ltd., Asian Development Bank, Action Against Hunger Philippines

Project budget: 250.000 USD



Pits are full!

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