Presentations at the European Health Psychology Conference

At the online 35th Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society, Miriam Harter and Max Friedrich presented their work about designing behaviour change interventions in Bangladesh and India.

Miriam Harter gave a short presentation on a UNICEF-led pilot project in the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar. The project focused on nine different health and environmental behaviors and Miriam selected latrine cleaning for an example. She presented the identified RANAS factors and behavior change activities that successfully changed camp residents’ regular cleaning of shared latrines.

Max Friedrich presented data from a study conducted in Punjab, India, targeting air pollution caused by burning of paddy crop residue. Behavioural factors determining this environmental health hazard included action knowledge and confidence in performance, planning and other’s behaviour. A publication on this topis is currently in preparation. More information about the project are summarized in this presentation:

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