ABBAT Project

Can behaviour change communication stop deforestation?

In 2022, we started this reforestation project in Ghana, with support from SDC. This project aims at improving effective ecosystems management through community landscape and agroforestry strategies. The aim is to conserve biodiversity, sustainably develop the ecosystem goods and services whilst enhancing sustainable utilization of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) to enhance livelihood options.

So far, we have undertaken extensive analysis and community engagement, which have given a solid basis for the next step, piloting the interventions. The analysis has allowed us to choose and define the most impactful and realistic target behaviours. This means, as a first step, we aim to plant 60.000 trees together with the local communities and supported by Mole National Park staff and local NGOs. The developed behaviour change campaign and relevant trainings serve to ensure that the seedlings are planted and cared for, thus increasing survival – often a critical issue in reforestation projects. Additionally, campaigning for the protection of existing trees will take place, to reduce harmful slash-and-burn practices, uncontrolled grazing or logging for charcoal production. Our findings also serve to recognize that the community needs to choose the types of trees they prefer to plant, and how to involve existing community structures like landscape managing groups, called CREMAs and groups like youth groups, women groups and representatives of alternative livelihood opportunities like beekeeping clubs.

We aim to pilot different campaigns and then upscale the most promising one, with the vision of it leading to 120.000 trees being planted and nurtured during the next year and a sustainable tree planting system being developed for the long term.


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