What influences alcohol consumption





What influences alcohol consumption and gender-based violence in teenagers?

The International Blue Cross (IBC) works worldwide for a society free of violence, discrimination and addiction-related illness. To further their understanding of addiction and gender-based violence, we realized a formative research study with youth in Congo and Chad who were about to start their participation in IBC’s programmes. The study compared the RANAS approach with IBC’s theoretical framework, analysing factors for alcohol-consumption and gender-based violence. Several important influence factors were identified for each behaviour. For example, the more severe someone estimates the consequences of alcohol consumption, the less likely is that person to consume alcohol themselves. A feeling of control over one’s actions reduces the likelihood of gender-based violence. Social influences are very important factors for both behaviours: People who come more into contact with either of those behaviours, be it by witnessing other people or being directly exposed or involved, are more likely to engage in these behaviours themselves in the future. The insights about behavioural factors and the comparison between theoretical framework were used to elaborate recommendations on how to integrate these findings into IBC’s future work.


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