Ranas Ltd. has been founded!

Ranas Ltd. has been founded!

Ranas Ltd. has been founded as a new Eawag Spin-off. RanasMosler and the new Ranas Ltd. strive for a strong collaboration in ongoing and future projects in the coming years before Ranas Ltd. eventually takes over business from RanasMosler.


The founding celebration took place on 23 January 2020 at Eawag with presentations by its founders, Miriam Harter, Silvie Palacios, Elisa Mosler, Andrea Tamas and Max Friedrich (absent). The opening celebration to which friends, colleagues, sponsors and partners of the five owners were invited took place in the presence of Prof. Dr. phil. Hans-Joachim Mosler, the founder and developer of the Ranas Model.



Ranas Ltd. has been founded!

Picture: Hansi Mosler and four of the founders. © Andri Bryner


The new spin-off owners, all experienced scientists in the field of behavior change and engaged in different field projects applying the RANAS model, have worked together with ‘Hansi’ already for many years. They ensure with their new Eawag spin-off future projects in the field of sustainable behavior change and continued development of the RANAS model.


RANAS increases the impact of interventions for behavior change using a scientifically sound analysis of relevant factors in targeted communities – namely Risk, Attitudes, Norms, Abilities and Self-regulation. It aims to provide governments and NGOs a deeper understanding of the mindset of the target population as a fundament for successful intervention- and campaign-planning.

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