Stimmungsbarometer Tollwood

Study on road safety in Munich at Tollwood festival

We spend a lot of time of our lives on the move. Whether on foot, by bicycle, bus, train or by car. How do we feel and how do we behave? What motivates us to be considerate of others and what makes it difficult for us to do so?

On behalf of the Mobility Department (MOR) of the City of Munich, we are conducting the second part of a questionnaire study that will help the city evaluate existing and plan future road safety measures.

At this year’s Tollwood festival in Munich, the RANAS team interviewed visitors of an installation on road safety before and after they interacted with the installation. We are now quantifying to which extent the installation triggered changes in the mindsets of visitors and how these changes translated into behavioural intentions and commitment for safe driving. This will generate data-driven and evidence-based recommendations for future measures.


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