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The RANAS Approach to Systematic Behaviour Change

The Risks, Attitudes, Norms, Abilities and Self-regulation (RANAS) approach to systematic behaviour change is an established method for designing and evaluating behavior change strategies that target and change the factors influencing a specific behaviour in a specific population. In brief, it is an easily applied method for measuring behavioural factors, assessing their influence on behaviour, designing tailored strategies that change behaviour, and measuring the effectiveness of these.

Although the RANAS approach takes what seems additional effort and resources, it is worth applying, because it results in behaviour change strategies which (1) are tailored to the population, (2) have been proven to effectively change behaviour under local conditions, (3) save resources due to adapted interventions which increase impact, and (4) provide an evidence base for further interventions and upscaling. Not only is behaviour being changed effectively, but substantial arguments are gained with which to attract support from local government and donors for future projects.

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Please cite as: Ranas Ltd. (2022). The RANAS approach to systematic behavior change. Methodological Fact Sheet 1. Zürich, Switzerland.