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We help you to understand the mindsets of your target population and develop successful behaviour change campaigns.

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Together with you, we develop a behaviour change project based on the scientifically proven RANAS approach. We will identify the appropriate behaviour change techniques for the target behaviour you want to change (for example hand washing with soap and water, or waste segregation). We also review your behaviour change communications based on our RANAS psychosocial model of systematic behaviour change.
If we develop your project, it can contain some or all of the following steps. Depending on your resources and interests, our consultants can implement these steps for you or with you. Following, we describe the hands-on approach.

We guide you through a qualitative analysis of the psychosocial factors that steer the behaviour you want to change and the contextual factors in which the behaviour occurs. We also help you to identify and define the relevant behaviour(s) to create the change you wish to see.

 Based on the findings from the qualitative exploration phase, we develop a quantitative questionnaire that you then apply in a baseline survey.

Using the data from the baseline survey, we guide you through a doer/non-doer analysis or realize one for you. This analysis shows you which behavioural factors differ between parts of the population that show the behaviour you want to change and those that do not. These are the behavioural factors that have to be addressed through a behaviour change campaign, to create the maximum possible impact and efficiency.

Once the relevant behavioural factors are identified, we help you select techniques that have proven evidence to tackle these factors, from the RANAS catalogue of behaviour change techniques. We help you to design behaviour change materials and a campaign tailored to your target population.

We support you with the preparation and implementation of the designed behaviour change campaign. This can include Trainings of Trainers, preparations of logistics, supervisor and monitoring checklists, or trainings of implementing staff or volunteers.

We help you to develop a quantitative questionnaire to measure the effects of the behaviour change campaign you have designed and implemented. The difference between baseline and endline survey shows the success you have had in changing behaviour and the behavioural factors. These results enable you to improve your campaign, can serve as material for (scientific) publications and justify your success to donors and funders.

In our RanasACADEMY, we train you or your staff to understand systematic behaviour change based on the scientifically proven RANAS approach. We offer trainings that range from a short introduction, which gives a broad and comprehensive understanding of behaviour change based on the RANAS model, to intensive trainings that can lead to a certificate of expertise. We also offer our classic three-day-course that enables you to plan, design, and evaluate systematic behaviour change campaigns. ​

Be part of the individuals and organizations who understand behaviour change, improve your field interventions!

These courses are accessible from anywhere in the world – we offer different online formats from classic online teaching, blended learning formats to small group work accompanied by our trainers. Alternatively, a tailor-made course can be conducted life wherever you wish us to be.

Monitoring, evaluation and learning frameworks (MEL)

If you have already implemented a behaviour change intervention and want an evidence-base to improve your campaign or to prove the impact of your campaign to your beneficiaries and donors, we can help you to realize a monitoring scheme, a midline or an endline survey. Evaluations help not only to improve the current project but enable organisations to learn for the future and to find out what needs to be done different in the next project. Evaluating the impact of an intervention, its effectiveness, sustainability, relevance and efficiency also allows you to communicate your achieved success.

Your research is our research

Our strong expertise in social science research allows us to develop and realize a complete research project about your line of work with you or for you. This can lead to innovations in your field, to valuable insights and lessons learned, as well as to peer-reviewed publications. Literature review, hypothesis formulation, development of measurement tools, statistical analysis of data, reflections against current scientific evidence and writing of reports and publications are all services we offer and will adapt to your needs. If we develop your project, it can contain some or all of the following steps. Depending on your resources and interests, our consultants can implement these steps for you or with you. 

We are a big and strong community of people who use behavioural knowledge to improve interventions and thus health and the environment for all. Together, we contribute to science, exchange our knowledge, improve our skills and increase the efficiency of our work. Sign up to our newsletter to know what we are up to or check out our online content on the user platform to start applying systematic behaviour change today. If we develop your project, it can contain some or all of the following steps. Depending on your resources and interests, our consultants can implement these steps for you or with you. 

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